Pinterest: An introduction


There is a 90% lower chance of dying while using pinterest(Photo credit: steve garfield)

Pinterest is many things. A gallery, a pinboard or just a place for creativity to hang out. It is a pinboard style photo sharing website that is what all the rage is about. It has become a great way to express yourself and your tastes.

It works through beautiful images and videos being posted online into categories called boards. Boards are like topics. Some creative board names would be “the little things”.

Using pinterest is fairly straightforward:

  1. Make boards
  2. Pin
  3. Follow
  4. Search and enjoy
Being called the breakout social network of 2012, can it deliver?

Warning! Any injuries or deaths occurring because millions of photos fell on you is strictly not our fault (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. I have just started to use pinterest but have already found it to be a great way to lay out my future plans kinda like a mind map or a plot board for my day.

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