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4 Must Have Chrome Extension

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If you use Google Chrome, congratulations you are the 90%. With its lightning fast internet and clean-cut display it is the one to use.   Another one of Chrome’s beauty’s are the Chrome Web Store where you can get all sorts of helpful websites, apps and extensions.

Extensions are basically programs that alter the way the browser works to make it better. Here are 5 extensions from the Web Store that are a must for any internet user.

AdBlock – Tired of those pesky ads spamming your screens? Can’t work properly because of it? This extension removes all ads in the page, blocks flash ad, video ads and pretty much every possible ad you can think. This is probably the best spam protector on the market. Although, users have complained that it gets high CPU usage because of this extension so I would not recommend this to slow computers. Oh right there’s also something about cats ;). Y0u’ll see what I mean.
Tip: Disable this on pages with few or no ads like Google.

Evernote Clearly– Evernote Clearly does what it says on the tin. Shows all articles very clearly on a another page with complete freedom to edit their appearance. With everything you’d get if you read a normal article, Clearly gives all images, titles and information that is required. Videos do not come up. With four options to change the style of the page (see image below) it is the best way to see articles.
Bonus: Get Evernote and attach webpages to your account quickly and efficiently.

The difference (I know it looks terrible, click it to see a better version)

Awesome Screenshot: Capture Annotate: Those old days of using the PrntScr button is over. Now new extensions have created an easier and more creative way to take screenshots and edit it. Use square and circle shapes, arrows, lines and a curving line. Even better you have the option to use blur and text to make it even more descriptive. The picture above also contains some things from this extension (sneaky, sneaky). But there are 2 very annoying parts to this:
1) Does not always display the entire page
2) The extension counts as spyware meaning it’ll capture all data and websites you visit

TooManyTabs: I look up and this is what I see, a million tabs juts staring at me. I got work left to do and I need to show it, show it (tomorrow). It’s impossible and I know it. When I’m working on the blog I have at least 12 tabs open which makes it very hard to find a specific page in the tab box. With TooManyTabs all the tabs are put together in a file type way where all the tabs have their full names on top. Simply click on one to go there. 3 different ways to organize the tabs. There’s even a way to change the colors of the screen (probably something to spark the view up). What really interested me is the possibility to suspend a tab meaning close it but get it back again  after you’re other work is done. But even though all this the extension takes a long time to load. Except for that it’s an excellent extension.

In my opinion these are 4 extensions that every functioning computer should have.

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Create a stunning background for Prezi

This is a way to use text to create a brilliant background. If you don’t like the font used here, you can use some other.

Prezi: The New Presentation In The Block

Prezi Logo

Microsoft PowerPoint has lost it’s touch  the lat couple of years. New online software’s such as Sliderocket or Projeqt have spawned up and are taking over the presentation scene. But none more then Prezi.

Prezi is a zooming and panning presentation maker where it is easy to visualize your ideas. Where your ideas can be   SPACED  and is easy on the eye. Insert text, images and videos to keep the presentation interesting.

Why should you choose Prezi?

  • Only one transition which will never get old (the zoom)
  • Frames which bring out and focus in on your points
  • Use the path mode to show your story through movement.
  • Create prezi’s using your Ipad too.
  • Stop with the million slides!
Go check it out now!
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Pinterest: An introduction


There is a 90% lower chance of dying while using pinterest(Photo credit: steve garfield)

Pinterest is many things. A gallery, a pinboard or just a place for creativity to hang out. It is a pinboard style photo sharing website that is what all the rage is about. It has become a great way to express yourself and your tastes.

It works through beautiful images and videos being posted online into categories called boards. Boards are like topics. Some creative board names would be “the little things”.

Using pinterest is fairly straightforward:

  1. Make boards
  2. Pin
  3. Follow
  4. Search and enjoy
Being called the breakout social network of 2012, can it deliver?

Warning! Any injuries or deaths occurring because millions of photos fell on you is strictly not our fault (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Hashtags: The Dewey Decimal System Of Twitter

Protester with a Guy Fawkes mask in the ¡Democ...

 Hashtags are ways to categorize tweets and are used to control the tweet, so if anyone was to search the hashtag or word in the            hashtag, it would come easily to them in the search. It works by putting the hashtag before any special word that is part of the  t   tweet or the concept of the tweet.

It is what binds all concepts of tweets together so users can easily find more information about something.

In this tweet, @Andre_Santos27 used the hashtag #Gunners so if anyone went to the search box and typed “gunners”, more news about the game would pop up.

Hashtags are also an excellent resource for businessman as it let’s you to organize all the tweets that are towards your business. That way, twitter can help users who need help with your product. For more info: How and why should a brand use a Twitter Hashtag? (

  • Clicking on a hashtag shows other tweets with the same hashtag.
  • Popular hashtags usually become trending topics.
  • Don’t use more than 2 hashtags or the tweet becomes cluttered.
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Micro-messaging Twitter

Everyone, everywhere always goes: Ugh, what can I write in 140 characters?!

The 140 word limit in twitter has created an entirely new concept of writing. The reason is if you had twitter, you would not be looking to read a full article . This creates a scenario where you can easily and quickly post without hassle. The average internet ‘explorer’ will never spend more then 2.5 seconds while searching for something online. A small post would be faster to read then a long one.But many cavemen like me have adapted to the surroundings.

Use link shorteners- A URL takes up quite a lot of space. Link shorteners are shorter in length but can still direct you to the page easily, e.g used to be Try to notice some simlarites. A notable URL shortener is Bitly. If you had noticed I URL shortened ‘Bitly’, as well.

Do not sacrifice spelling for space- Spelling is what attracts attention and it gives your profile a cleaner and more formal look. Riting lke ths dsent hlp.

Do not add interjections- Interjections are somewhat useless and truly (and I’m speaking by experience) annoying.

Do not spam with hashtags– Do not add more then 2 hashtags to your post otherwise it become’s 2 much (geddit?)

Twitter follows 1 method: Keep it simple and small.

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Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post.

Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can always preview any post or edit it before you share it to the world.